Hunter show series at Saddletree runs March- November. Friendly show environment, perfect for those new to showing or needing more miles in the show ring. Big arena and covered arena warm-up. Come show with us!

Hunter Show Series

2019 Dates

March 9th, April 13th, May 4th, June 1st, August 17th, September 21st, October 19th, November 30th

Starts at 10:00 AM (Rain or Shine)

Hosted by Saddletree Stables 2112 Saddletree Ln. Willow Spring, NC 27592

Entries $10.00 / Class     ● Jump Schooling $5.00 / Trip (Limit 2)     ● $10 fee for Non-Showing Horse

 Class List

Little Stirrup Division (9 and Under)

               1. Little Stirrup Walk Only

               2. Little Stirrup Walk Trot Under Saddle

               3. Little Stirrup Walk Trot Equitation

               4. Little Stirrup Ground poles (W/T)

Walk Trot Division (Open Age)

               5. Walk Trot Under Saddle

               6. Walk Trot Equitation

               7. Walk Trot Ground poles (W/T)

               8. Walk Trot Cross rails (T)

Short Stirrup Division (12 and Under)

               9. Short Stirrup Walk Trot Under Saddle

               10. Short Stirrup Walk Trot Equitation

               11. Short Stirrup Walk Trot Canter Under Saddle

               12. Short Stirrup Cross rails (T/C)

Long Stirrup Division (13 and Over)

               13. Long Stirrup Walk Trot Under Saddle

               14. Long Stirrup Walk Trot Equitation

               15. Long Stirrup Walk Trot Canter Under Saddle

               16. Long Stirrup Cross rails (T/C)

 Pleasure Division (Open Age)

               17. Pleasure Walk Trot Under Saddle

               18. Pleasure Walk Trot Canter Under Saddle

               19. Pleasure GAYP

Starter Hunter Division (Cross Rails)

(Any age first 2 years of showing – Can not cross enter any other O/F Classes)

               20. Starter Hunter O/F

               21. Starter Hunter O/F

               22.Starter Hunter Under Saddle

Novice Hunter 18” (no oxers)

               23. Novice Hunter O/F

               24. Novice Hunter O/F                                                               

              25. Novice Hunter Under Saddle

Green Hunter 18” (No Oxers)

               26. Green Hunter O/F

               27. Green Hunter O/F

               28. Green Hunter Under Saddle

 All About You Division (Equitation)

 (can be jumped at any height 18” and above)

               29. All About You O/F

               30. All About You O/F/Handy

               31. All About You Equitation

  Intermediate Hunter 2’

              32. Intermediate Hunters O/F

               33. Intermediate Hunters O/F

               34. Intermediate Hunters Under Saddle

 Schooling Hunter 2’3 and higher

               35. Schooling Hunter O/F

               36. Schooling Hunter O/F

               37. Schooling Hunter Under Saddle

 Novice Jumpers 18”

               38. Table II 2 (b)

               39. Table II 2 (c)

Intermediate Jumpers 2’

               40. Table II 2 (b)

               41. Table II 2 (c)

Schooling Jumpers 2’3 and higher

               42. Table II 2 (b)

               43. Table II 2 (c)