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Saddletree is pleased to offer boarding services at our beautiful facility here in Willow Spring. Boarders have free range of access to all of our riding areas including lunge paddocks, round pens, the jump field, and both main riding arenas. Boarders are able to ride in any weather and at any time up until 11PM daily.

A wonderful perk of boarding here at Saddletree is that we are a distributor for both InsectAway Pest Control Systems and Hayhuts. Because of this, flies are virtually nonexistent in any of our barns and your horse will always have hay at liberty of free choice when in turnout.

We presently feed Tribute brand feed so you can rest assured the feed which is being provided to your horse is of superior quality. We can develop the right formulation of feed, perfect for your horse and their dietary needs. Additionally, we feed top quality timothy/orchard grass year round to ensure your horse is getting the nutrition they need.

Full Stall Board

Our facility is equipped with a variety of turnout and stabling options. All of our barns are cinder block based with concrete floors and rubber matts. We are able to provide private turnout if necessary. Our newest boarding space is a shedrow, run-in style barn with sliding doors on both sides of the stall. The horses housed here, have a private turnout and easy access to shelter if needed. Amenities of Full Board include:

- Grain & hay twice daily

- Distribution of daily supplements during feeding

- InsectAway fly spray system in each stall

- Stall rest option if needed

- Blanketing and fly gear changed as needed (provided by boarder)

- Daily turnout as directed

- Private tack locker with lock & key

COST $850/month


Pasture Board

With ample pasture space, horses on pasture board are typically turned out in groups with horses in the same situation. Grain or grazing muzzles can be applied if needed (provided by the owner).

 Amenities of the Pasture Board include:

- Grain & hay twice daily

- Distribution of daily supplements during feeding

- Private tack locker with lock & key

COST: $550/month

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