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I've arrived for my first visit at the farm and I'm not sure where to park, where do I need to go?

The easy answer: anywhere! We just ask that you avoid parking in front of the arena gates, spaces blocking the roadway, and in the driveways of those who live on the property. Overflow parking is located at the front of the property, in front of the first pasture on your right.

I'm here for my first riding lesson/trail ride, what do I need to wear?

We require all riders at minimum wear long pants and either tennis shoes or boots with a small heel. We provide helmets, tack, and anything else you may need for your first ride. We do require that any riders under 18 or enrolled in an english riding lesson wear a helmet for the suration of their ride.

What should I expect to learn during my first lesson?

Every strong lesson program begins with the basics. If this is your first encounter with lesson horses, a portion of your lesson will be spent bringing the horse in, grooming, and tacking the horse. From there you will learn foundational skills such as getting on the horse, steering, how to stop/move forward at the walk, etc!

How am I expected to pay for the services I am provided while at Saddletree?

Payment can be either cash or check made out to Saddletree Stables. This will be collected at the end of the lesson/trail ride. Tipping your instructor/trail guide is never expected but always appreciated.

Are there age limits to enroll in lessons or trail rides.

We do require that all riders be at least 3 years old with ample motor and cognitive skills to ensure the most is make of the experience. If you are joining us for a trail ride, any riders 5 years or younger will have have to ride double (child in front, adult behind). Because of this, the number of children 5 & younger on trail rides is limited. We don't have an upper age limit for riders; as long as you're able to show up, we're able to teach you!

Am I required to purchase a bundle of lessons or am I able to pay one at a time?

You are never require to pay for more than the service rendered to you at the time of that service. You are always welcome to prepay for lessons or lease rides if that's easiest for you.

What is the cancellation/inclement weather policy?

Any cancellation made by the student less than 24 hours from the scheduled lesson time is subject to a $20 cancellation fee. In the case of inclement weather, instructors will reach out to their clients and either reschedule or cancel their lessons.

I've arrived for my first lesson/trail ride, where do I go to meet the instructor?

If coming in from Kennebec road, you'll take a right at the first fork and follow that small road to our lesson barns and meet the instructor inside. Sometimes instructors will have lessons prior to yours and may run over; in this case, you can either text/call your instructor or locate another instructor who would be able to point you in the right direction!

When should I arrive for my first lesson?

Plan to arrive 10 minutes early in the event you get lost or may need additional assistance. If you were unable to fill out liability forms prior to the lesson allow for time to fill these out as well.

Do I get to pick which horse I ride?

Unfortunately no, every horse is different just as the rider is. This means different height, weight, experience, and discipline requirements which aren't available information to the general public.

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