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InsectAway Fly Spray Systems

Our Background & Philosophy

The Original Pest Control System

The InsectAway system was introduced in 1971 with the advance of Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE). It was the first system that sprayed an entire barn or facility automatically, with an insecticide that was deadly to flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects, yet was safe to warm blooded animals.

Over years many have tried to imitate the InsectAway System; however, the dependability and quality of the unit have not been equaled. The consistency of InsectAway Insecticide has been shown to be second to none. We have set standard for the industry with our top-quality products and customer service.

Pyrethrum...Nature's Own Insecticide

Natural pyrethrum is extracted from the dalmatian chrysanthemum, a perennial plant with daisy-like appearance and white petals. Pyrethrum has been used since early in the 20th century as a safe insecticide. It has a quick knockdown and kill, but is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic to mammals and birds.

InsectAway's exclusive formula is registered with the EPA, and accepted by the USDA and the FDA for use in food processing plants. Recent university and USDA tests have concluded that insects can become immune to synthetic pyrethrum (pyrethrin and pyrethroids). This is why InsectAway is made exclusively with natural pyrethrum.

InsectAway's Unique Formulation

Natural pyrethrum can be made even more affective when used in combination with other substances. We have developed our own emulsified formula so the insecticide cannot separate or settle. Our formulation is more efficient than all other brands because the InsectAway system always sprays the perfect concentration of pyrethrum every time: never too much, never too little.

The InsectAway Spray System

Every component of the InsectAway system is designed to work together for maximum effect. The insecticide won't separate, either in the reservoir or the tubing, so fly-killing consistency is maintained. The pump is designed to specifically handle the InsectAway formulation's special viscosity. The spray nozzles and tubing have been chosen to accommodate the high pressure  the high pressure of the InsectAway pump, releasing a fine mist when activated, and eliminating dogging, spewing and dripping.

System Sizes, Refills, and Prices

InsectAway offers three sizes of systems to accommodate any size facility.

Original: The Original system has been protecting horses, dairy cattle, kennels, and show cattle for 35 years.

Junior: The Junior system offers the smaller facility owner the same quality protection at an affordable price.

Super: The Super system is designed for use in very large facilities. Having one spray system saves capital investment and maintenance time.

InsectAway emulsified insecticide is available by the gallon from your InsectAway sales representatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the system myself?

Absolutely! If you wish, we'll send you detailed installation information. The majority of our customers do prefer to have an InsectAway technician set up the system, but you can definitely handle the installation yourself.

How does the InsectAway System help with disease control in my stock?

You'll find InsectAway aids in the control of insect vector transmitted diseases such as infectious anemia, Additional benefits are realized by control of parasites and secondary infections from festered bites (summer sores);

How "automatic" is the system?

InsectAway is totally automatic, and that's one of the primary advantages. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, whether you are home or away, you'll know your animals are protected.

Who makes the InsectAway system?

InsectAway is made by Environmental Insect Control System, Inc., the originator of automatic flying insect control systems. EICS is the largest company in its field and the only manufacturer that formulates its own natural pyrethrum insecticide. Every InsectAway product is offered with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Donnie Stephenson, Sales Representative

Office/Cell: 919-345-8422


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